Agriculture – Livingston’s long growing seasons and well-drained farmland make it possible to produce nearly all of the crops found in the western hemisphere. The Parish has many truck farms and small fruit orchards, which provide the potential for processing, packaging, and canning facilities within the parish. Animal industries include cattle, swine, and poultry, providing the opportunity for related industries for feed mixing, grinding and distribution. Livingston also has an abundance of natural resources in fur and alligators, suggesting the potential for a tannery to process hide harvested locally.

Assembly – Ferrara Fire Apparatus, located in Holden, is the fourth largest manufacturer of fire trucks in the United States.

Forest Products – Timber dates back as one of the earliest industries in the parish. Forestland provides a variety of economic opportunities: For paper processing and other wood products, and for furniture manufacturing as well. Weyerhauser, located in Holden, is the largest lumber company in the parish.

Metal Products – There are several businesses in the parish that involves metals, which indicates the local suitability of the industry. East Jordan Iron Works – Vulcan Foundry, in Denham Springs, builds iron casings, while in Walker, Sunland Fabricators, Inc., largest private employer of the parish, fabricates pipe.

Oil, Natural Gas, and Minerals – Louisiana’s oil, natural gas and mineral resources underpin much of the giant petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing economy and provide a huge market for goods and services. There are many productive oil fields throughout the region, which draw some of the service activity into the area.


Livingston Parish Industrial Park – Two hundred acres zoned for industrial development comprise this economic development zone located two miles north of I-12 east of Walker, along US-190 and the Illinois Central Railroad.

Livingston Parish Park – The parish owned park is a group of sites adjacent to I-12 east of Holden made available for industrial business development.

Other Industrial Sites – Several other large and small tracts of available low-cost land line the length of I-12 and US 190 in Livingston Parish, providing would-be tenants excellent access to the US interstate highway system and the resulting markets that access opens. In general, the sites are flat and dry, with good soil-bearing capabilities (2,500 lbs. per square foot). Rail line will be on grade – causing no problem for construction of spurs.


Food Products – The presence of several food processing companies in neighboring parishes and the abundance of agricultural products make Livingston Parish an ideal location for other food products companies, whether processing or packaging.

Furniture/Wood Products – The sheer magnitude of forest land I Livingston Parish and the history of a thriving timber industry in the region suggest further potential for locating wood products companies in the parish. The opportunity for furniture manufacturing also presents itself. A key to this industry will be to use more Louisiana’s homegrown timber for conversion into finished products. In addition, the state has major international ports through which companies could easily access exotic woods such as mahogany and teak.

Motor Vehicle Parts – The presence of metal product manufacturers in Livingston and nearby parishes indicates the suitability of Livingston for the manufacturing of metal products to be used in auto part production. Therefore, Livingston has a potentially viable location for companies in this industry.

Recreational Boats – As with motor vehicle parts, the presence of boat and boat parts manufacturers nearby make Livingston parish attractive to the recreational boat industry.

Distribution – Neighboring Tangipahoa Parish houses several distribution facilities, including one for Winn Dixie and True Value. Like Tangipahoa, Livingston Parish has ready access to major transportation arteries such as I-10, I-12, and I-55. Livingston’s location is also central, not only within the state of Louisiana but within the entire Gulf south region as well.


Personal Income - The Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce publishes personal income data. The most recent four-year revised per capita income figures for the United States, Louisiana and Livingston Parish are as follows:


United States


Livingston Parish




















Not Avail.

Source: US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, LA Department of Economics.

Retail Sales – According to the Survey of Buying Power, estimated retail sales by category in Livingston Parish were as follows:


Total Retail Sales


Eat/ Drink

Gen. Mdse.

Furn/ Appl





















































Note: The retail sales statistics in the 1996 edition of the Survey of Buying Power, which lists data for 1994, are based on newly published benchmark data from the a992 Census of Retail Trade (CRT). Prior to this year, retail figures reported in the Survey were on data from the 1987 Census (Unlike the general Census, the CRT is conducted in five year intervals). Whenever such an adjustment in made, trends in lines that fall across benchmark year are often skewed, a fact readers should keep in mind when comparing retail sales figures for 1994 and thereafter to those from prior years.

Source: Sale and Marketing Management, Survey of Buying Power, 1998.

Banking Facilities – The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures a number of commercial and savings banks in Livingston Parish whose aggregate deposits are as follows:




Total Deposits